Cocktail party Menu (Minimum of 20 persons)

1 hour $22 per person (3 hot items, 3cold items 1 sweet)

2 hours $27 per person (4 hot items,4cold items1 sweet)

3 hours $ 32 per person (4 hot items,4cold items 2 sweets)


Turkish bread with tahini

Smoked salmon & cream cheese croutons

Mini chicken Wraps

Grissini wrapped with prosciutto and basil

Chilled prawns with Avocado mousse on a crispy French baguette

Antipasti skewers of boconccini cheese, a rthichoke hearts & zuchini


Mixed veg Spring rolls with sweet chilli dip

Calamari Rings with Homemade chilli and lime aioli

Tandoori Marinated chicken skewers with youghurt mint sauce

Homemade mushrooms and buffalo bocconcini filled arancini Balls with homemade basil and pinenut Pesto

Lime & Taquila marinated prawn skweres

Mini Beef pies

Mini sausage rolls

Mini pizzas


Chocolate filled mini profiteroles

Vanilla beans infused mini panacotta